Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Chocolate or Sex?

It rested
between my lips
as i tested
the curves
i made her all wet
with constant swerves
of my tongue
i couldnt resist long
and i sunk my teeth
bringing out moans of pleasure..
i devoured her completely
the satisfaction immense
I looked at her...
she was dark but shapely
she was a real 'Temptation'
better known as 'Hershey'

When it comes to debates, this would rate amongst the most entertaining topics to be discussed. I dont want to start a debate here. I definitely would be least bothered as to what you all think and i am sure the feeling would be mutual as well. In case, you have nothing else to do, then read on.
I got an email stating the 10 reasons why chocolate is better than sex. But personally , if there ain't any choices i would like to have both at the same time, mostly to strike a balance and to make up for the spent energy.