Thursday, May 1, 2008

You're My Love

In a dream

In a daze

I said those words

In different ways

With a smile

With a touch

I dropped a hint

For you to catch

Will you nod?

Will you shake?

Is all i think

As i lay awake

Let me live

Let me show

My Love, is you

If you still don’t know!

An Embodiment of Love

When you were Adam

you needed a woman to start the human race

When you were unborn

you needed a woman as a passage

when you were ten

you needed a woman for growing up

when you were a teenager

you needed a women as a girlfriend

when you were married

you needed a woman to satisfy you

when you were middle aged

you needed to woman to take care of family

when you became old

you needed a woman for support and company

when you died

you needed that woman to cry for you

But do you ever need that woman

so that you can love her?

In every man's term, despite vociferous self denials amongst this community, Love is farce.

It is a mythical bondage that keeps a woman shackled forever, unknowingly or unwillingly committed to providing unconditional love that caters to the selfishness of every single man.

Love is when you give, Love is when you share, Love is when you sacrifice. A woman is an embodiment of love.

To me, Love is not a term.