Friday, March 28, 2008

Does life have a meaning?

I wake up, not to the chirping of birds

But to shrill ring of my alarm

It's a brand new day

But i find no charm

i sport a resigned look

A feeling of inevitability

A few minutes is all it took

My morning chores done.

Breakfast, i hardly remember the taste

Lost in calls and deadlines

My mom looks at my face

Looking for signs, I hear only a sigh

I drive in a daze,oblivious

To madness, to traffic

We all, in life, join this race,

Losing our way, losing ourselves.

To sing in the rain

To walk by the shore

To play with my dog

To watch the stars

To hug my mom

To play with my kids

To make love to my wife

To read on a rainy sunday afternoon

Is all i yearn for.

A voice brings me back to reality

ID please?

A long day begins, a pity

One of many that i am wasting

Till i die with these dreams.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Momentary Bliss.....

Sitting by the shore

Watching the waves recede

i couldn’t have asked for more

You looked beautiful indeed

My arms around you

I drew you close

It was time to tell

You're the woman i love the most

No words came out

But my knees felt weak

You're kiss was long and sweet

Was there a need to speak?

Our lips entwined, tongues probed

My heart skipped a beat

Our eyes met, you nodded, we smiled

And, the world started fading.