Thursday, May 28, 2009

So this is what it feels like huh?

Gutted! The depth of my misery should have been explained in that one word. Sadly, it is never that easy.
Barcelona 2 Man United 0 In reality, the score line is a little flattering…….for Manchester United!
We were billed as the Roman Conquerors, the first team to successfully defend a European Cup, to be crowned as the Greatest Team ever. For exactly 10 minutes, it went according to the script. And then it all went horribly wrong.
I feel as if I need to write for as long as I can, to squeeze every bit of misery out of my system. When your team gets played out of the park in the most humiliating fashion, when your brother(a Chavs fan, for god’s sake) calls you at 3 a.m to drive home the pain, when all the newspapers carry a tag line saying ‘They are not that good’, it becomes a bitter pill to swallow.
As United supporters we are spoilt with all the success which makes this a wee bit harder to digest. I hope this week passes by quickly. I have decided to go on a ‘No Read Mode’, what with the gooners and dippers wanting to take the piss out of us. I should be laughing at them considering the fact that we are Premier League champions and a further two more trophies in our cabinet, when they have ended trophy less for the fourth year in a row. But Football is remembered for the present and no one wants to care about what happened yesterday even if you are ‘Manchester United’.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Democracy is a coin termed by a fool. Someone who thought he could get away with fooling us into believing the future lies in the mind of the common man. What audacity!
To distinguish right from wrong, to shape a future with equality and peace, to create a system devoid of corruption, persecution and poverty should be deemed outrageous. No?
Let me try this then. 'Be the Change'. Er, how?
Vote. Er, Whom?
Anyone. Thats Democracy, right? Yeah Right!

How about this then. 'Create Awareness, Educate'. Er, on what?
Rights. Er, Whose?
We, the People. #?@! Do we have one?

Hmmm. I get your point.
What do we do now? Er, about what?
Redefining Democracy. Changing the system. Er, why?
Because it's not working. Er, says who?
Me. And you are?
An Indian!
Good Luck then!!!!