Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Chocolate or Sex?

It rested
between my lips
as i tested
the curves
i made her all wet
with constant swerves
of my tongue
i couldnt resist long
and i sunk my teeth
bringing out moans of pleasure..
i devoured her completely
the satisfaction immense
I looked at her...
she was dark but shapely
she was a real 'Temptation'
better known as 'Hershey'

When it comes to debates, this would rate amongst the most entertaining topics to be discussed. I dont want to start a debate here. I definitely would be least bothered as to what you all think and i am sure the feeling would be mutual as well. In case, you have nothing else to do, then read on.
I got an email stating the 10 reasons why chocolate is better than sex. But personally , if there ain't any choices i would like to have both at the same time, mostly to strike a balance and to make up for the spent energy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Smile :) :-D

Taking that curve,
giving it a permenant stay
symbolizes a verve
in somebody's day.

Twisting it though
i realize I have no place to go
and let you know, how
to feel the things i never show.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Farewell Trance..!

Do i know you...
Know you at all...
The thoughts mired in confusion...
The face masked by agony...
when i tried to find my way around..
i didnt try to, baby
find a way around you.

Smiling at the things we did,
and the things we said...
i am lying to myself...
that i know you...
even when am
dying in this hell...
And when i tried to reach for you..
I didnt try to, baby
take you down as well.

I said a bye..
and this time i didnt lie...
I saw a smile...
a relieved sigh...
u will never know...
that you made me cry..
will be long gone...
far and high...
to a place they go..
when people die!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gunners – Can they hit Bull’s Eye?

It’s the clash of the titans in the premiership this Saturday. And a result here would go a long way in deciding who holds aloft the coveted cup, come May.

As a Red Devil fan, I had mixed emotions watching the match between Liverpool and Arsenal. It was a match where Arsene Wenger showed the world what he has got in store for Manchester United and the rest of Europe. As I watched the match I got reminded of the famous quote that the infamous football pundit Alan Hansen said during United’s treble winning season. ‘You will never win anything with kids’.
First it was united and now it’s Arsenal who are making him eat his words. It was a day when ‘Kidology’ as some newspapers quoted, reigned supreme.
After Thierry Henry’s departure, Arsenal was written off to even qualify for Europe and it certainly looks like Arsene Wenger is going to have the last laugh. . In Fabregas, Wenger has unearthed a gem. And you could see the youthful exuberance flowing through the entire team. They seem to fear no one and in Gallas, they have an able leader to guide this team.

To be frank, Liverpool was lucky to get away with a point and the score line 1-1 doesn’t reflect Arsenal’s domination in the match. Certainly, Sir Alex wouldn’t have been surprised by the result even though he left a few minutes before Arsenal equalized.

Having said all this, am sure even Wenger knows that this Saturday will be the real test. Facing the champions by itself is no mean task but it becomes even more difficult to face United in the kind of form they are in. The quality that United now possess in their ranks will stretch gunners to the limit.

Sir Alex knows that his team’s midfield and defense hold the key. Arsenal, will hit United on the break and there is going to be no reprieve. With Scholes and Carrick out, Hargreaves and Anderson will be tested. And if Rio Ferdinand’s injury turns out to be serious, then United will be facing an uphill task with the inexperienced Pique left to guard United’s central defense against Adebayor who Ferdinand termed as the ‘toughest guy’ to defend against, last season.

In the end, it will be battle of nerves and who holds it till the end. I have a sinking feeling that this match is going to be decided by mistakes (Referee and Defense :))

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Speech!

Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in this history of mankind.
Mankind -- that word should have new meaning for all of us today.
We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore.
We will be united in our common interests.
Perhaps its fate that today is the 4th of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution -- but from annihilation.
We're fighting for our right to live, to exist.
And should we win the day, the 4th of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice:
"We will not go quietly into the night!
We will not vanish without a fight!
We're going to live on!
We're going to survive!"
Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!

Every time, every single time i hear this speech, i get goosebumps. Its not about my passion for hollywood movies, nor is it about Bill Pullman, but simply reading between the lines.
I tend to correlate this with what's happening with our nation. A question crops up. The world might hate Americans, their arrogance but still look at them. They are passionate about their nation and their patriotism oozes in everything that they do.
It might be trivial but i still think about the number of hollywood war movies that have come out as box office hits as compared to our bollywood's and kollywoods. They keep churning out such movies to instill in the minds of common man, what their countrymen are doing to keep their nation a better place to live.
On the other hand our movies receive flak from our own people. Everyone looks at the technology and the aura surrounding the HOLLYWOOD and tend to ignore the theme that our movies try to project.
We need to think on our feet. Its time we put up our hands and say 'Lets stop aping the West'. There is so much in our military history for us to boast about. It ain't about movies alone but just go to the History section in any bookstore and no points for guessing which books are bestsellers. World wars, American war heroes, Battle of Iraq, Greek wars, Roman battles ...World History is fascinating i accept, but India is a part of this world. 'Train to Pakistan', 'Indian Mutiny', 'Indian War of independence' all these are precious too. They tell us what's been forgotten.
I love India and so does every single citizen in this wonderful nation. But we need to show it not just in words but in our everyday life. I cringe when i look at the forwards about our military heroes. I am no different and that attitude needs to change. Let us for one last time 'Ape the west' , this time for their patriotism. Their feeling of oneness when it comes to things concerning their nation.
We have our Vande Matarams(thanks to A R Rahman) and Chake De India's but someday i want to see a speech similar to the one above, made by either one of our politicians or any common man.
And that day i will stop watching hollywood war movies or reading american history forever. I am sure i wont repent doing that, rather, with a smile i will write about the goosebumps i got when i heard the speech about 'My India'.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ever wondered...?

Ever wondered what the exact moment is,
when a girl looks extremely beautiful?
I found it that night
when the moonlight danced on her face
and the brownish curls of her hair
lay untended.....
the fading pimples,the only blemish
giving a rose tinge
that might be mistaken for a blush.

Ever wondered about the one place
you would do anything to be in?
She stirred from her sleep
thanks to those curls of hair
playing hide n seek between her lips...
And i realized with a tinge of jealousy
thats where i wanted to be
though it meant breaking the spell
caused by her face
with a momentary shake...
But i still wonder...
if i can truly shake off that moment...

- Excerpts from my Personal Diary

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Red Devils – Down in the Dumps?

The 2008 EPL season has not started with a bang for the champions as all red devil fans were hoping for. Rather, it is turning into a disastrous campaign to say the least.
Expectations were soaring high amongst the fans, given the nature of new signings and the media hype following it. Some even went to the extent of claiming that we would win the quadruple this season.

As a hard core Manchester united fan, I was clearly excited as well, what with the likes of Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves and Tevez coming into the side and playing alongside Rooney, Ronaldo, Scholes and Giggs. With Rio Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Neville, Carrick, Pique and Van der sar to complete the lineup, this indeed had to be a truly great side capable of thrashing any team in the world.

What went wrong then? Couldn’t we sustain the pressure of defending the title?
Sir Alex has been in that position countless times and this shouldn’t have been any different.
Two draws and a loss, 17th in the league standings, 5 points adrift from our main rivals and worse, watching with disgust at Man City sitting pretty on the top of the table - Certainly not what we bargained for and I would have laughed at the mere mention of such a thing before the season started.

Am not panicking here, but given the way we have played and considering the injury to Rooney and the suspension of Ronaldo, we still shouldn’t have been in the situation we find ourselves in now. I am clearly disappointed.
We seem to be fighting against odds not just on the pitch but against lady luck as well. The atrocious penalty awarded to goddamn Blues and the undeserving win to the scousers on the opening day make us think whether we are doomed for this season.

Would it have made a difference if Sir Alex had convinced Rossi to stay by promising him first team opportunities? We needn’t have embarrassed ourselves by pushing in a makeshift striker in the form of O shea who I think doesn’t even deserve a first team chance(We have done enough to him for his winner against scousers last season).

But knowing Manchester united I am sure they know how to get out of this mess. We have the quality and given that players are coming back from injury and the African Nations tournament in January which will see lots of teams losing key players, this could still turn out into a title winning season for us.

So just like any other red devil fan, I too keep my fingers crossed and envisage a goal rout again Spurs this weekend.

Chak De ManU!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

My Feelings - A Realization within

I made a promise to myself
to be devoid of feelings
never in future and never to look back...
But I could not kill it,
When I saw the pitiful eyes of it,
It was shivering, begging me
Not to desert it...
and then it promised me...
It will never let anybody hurt me,
Anybody at all,
Told me that I will be strong ,
standing upto those who didnt care,
Didn’t want to believe,
How could I ?
I wasn’t even sure about myself there...
it didnt shield me....
from being taken for granted....Did it....?
It blinded me...
from realizing who actually cared...
it made me hold something in my arms
which i couldnt hold in my heart...
I would have started walking alone,
but I wasnt overpowered, for once....
Sometimes when i turn back...
I see my feelings crawling behind me...
In truth,
I turn around and walk faster...
Just to outdistance myself...
And i look up...
A smiling face...
Forgetting all about what am running from,
i smile back hoping its not farce.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Key to my Mind - Part 1(Turn Off's)

I have always wondered what people think of me. And i feel amused everytime someone says or does something, coz these are strangers who know nothing about me. But will i be able to take the same stand when it comes to my close friends whose opinions and actions i value?
Am a complex creature. What's right to most people will look wrong to me.And thats why i mentioned in my previous blog, am pathetic when it comes to relationships.
Even my friends have difficulty understanding me so i thought i will make it a point to let everybody know what turn's me off.
What everyone else consider most trivial and unimportant, sometimes turns me off.

I hate it when someone hangs up on me. Nothing will successfully put me off than this. I feel as if am slapped!
I hate it when someone flaunts road rules. Obscenities reign supreme in my mouth when i see that happening.
It turns me off when plans are changed at the last moment. It makes me look like a fool.
I hate waiting and i hate being late. I get so irritated, that i fall into a shell for sometime and i refuse to come out. It happens for movies,train journeys and trips. I just hate waiting.
Oh! i feel i should mention this as well. Most of my guy friends feel am lax when it comes to girls with respect to this turn off of mine :) I beg to differ. With guys i take the liberty to say and shout on their face, with girls i dont. But it shows one way or the other that am not happy.
It turns me off when i am left out in the crowd. I feel lost and i feel miserable.I hate being ingnored.
I hate to see my friends bugged! It keeps nagging me and i end up pestering them about it coz i want to know. And i hate this too. why would i want to know when they dont wanna say it?
It turns me off completely when i fight with my friends. And i hate it when they refuse to talk to me. My day stops there and i cant think of anything else unless we sort it out. I simply loathe that interim state of silence.
I hate failures. And i hate disappointments.
It turns me off completely when i think the world about someone and they still dont understand me. It turns me off that my actions get misinterpreted and i have to explain myself to that someone whom i thought already knew me like the back of their hand!
It turns me off when am taken for granted. I detest the feeling that creeps up when am taken on a wild goose chase and my opinions are looked down upon without any consideration.
I hate Infidelity,Chauvinism and Artificial behaviour. I especially hate it when someone acts as if they are good at something when they really arent.
It turns me off when am criticized or ridiculed for doing/not doing something when that person is no good at it either.
And in the end, i hate being led, used and dumped. That drives the final nail into the coffin which holds 'Mutual Respect, Sharing and Trustworthiness'

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Where's the party tonite?

The title might be misleading for a few, considering the preface written but read on.....
"I had seen it only in movies before this....and to me i didnt know there was another world tht existed,a world like this..! where u lose yourself completely..when booze takes control over your mind, when dance is a means by which you cast lecherous eyes and engage in lustful action, an outlet for perverted thoughts bundled up due to years of ignorance to such kinda freedom..!" - Nope, this aint an article about the culture shock experienced by indians travelling abroad. This is about my first few weekends in the Garden City of Bangalore after leaving good,old chennai.
I shifted base to the silicon valley of india just like a million other day dreaming, software destined, 'onsite'manic, twenty something'ers , and the moment i stepped foot here i knew i was gonna miss chennai terribly.Ok, i can hear a familiar voice shouting at me to stop digressing and so here we go..
Discotheques or disc as it is popularly known around here, was always associated with the filthy rich, spoiled brats. Am sorry,but i was brought up that way, a typical conservative chennaite.As i mentioned before, i have heard about it and i have watched it in movies,but nothing prepared me for the madness that prevailed here. That night, at Sphinx, when my friends fitted perfectly into the night life of bangalore, i stood and surveyed my surroundings, completely speechless by what i saw. Maybe, i am exaggerating here and not all disc's are like what i was witnessing. I entered the dance floor, jostling my way through the crowd of people swaying to the thumping music and that 'whatever' they intake during these parties. I kept apologizing to everyone i bumped into and after the first few minutes i realized nobody was acknowledging it.Everybody was on a different plane altogether.
When people talk about PDA's(Public Display of Affection), my imagination was always limited to a hug, holding hands or a peck on the cheek.But i got a whole new meaning for it that day - Groping,stripping and host of other unmentionables. I gave a wierd look to my friend asking her what the hell was happening and i was hoping to get an answer, but she just smiled back. obviously, she was enjoying the dance and music oblivious(or ignoring) to what others were doing. I have this bad habit though. When am curious, i cant stop looking and i never knew that was gonna be a problem here. There were married couples and lovers dancing as well, and everytime i looked at them strangely, it ignited strong reactions from the male counterparts. Thanks to my friend who had a tough time reverting my concentration to the dance n music.
I tried to dance, with the limited abilities of mine, and soon forgot what was happening around me. I restricted my vision and thoughts to our group alone, and for the first time after entering the disc, i started having fun.
After one and a half years in Bangalore and hopping through different discotheques and pubs, i have come to understand that most people do only that. Define their own boundaries and tranform the night into a whole new experience, entertainment guaranteed.
These days, my eagerness to improve my dance skills and a chance to have good fun makes me shout 'Disc' everytime someone asks me about a weekend plan.
So, where's the party tonite?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Poems and Me - The First 'Real' Attempt

I have always wondered why people start writing poems...Does writing poems make one look creative? Or is it one hobby that you can harp upon to make you stand out in the crowd?
I started writing poems just like how any other ambitious,naive youngster would have...trying to ape the suave,verbose, handsome chaps who can impress the ladies with ease.
But then realization hit me....a realization that poems need to be felt before being penned down. It was a tough job and i gave up halfway through..this wasnt my cup of tea. I got back to what i did best reading, watching movies and munching potato chips.
Well what you see below is my first attempt at writing a poem after being inspired by the book 'One night at a call center'.Now my personal opinion about this book is not too great but then maybe i was inspired coz of the sequence of events surrounding it. I felt, and realized for the first time, how poems are written. The thoughts flowed, i never had to think and it dawned on me that everybody can write a poem one day. If i can write one, any Tom , Dick and Harry can.It isnt about creativity nor is it about mastery of a language. Its what you wanna express and what you have experienced.
So, here we go...I donno why it always has to be love that brings out a poet in someone. Sorry, am no different either.
Love - A Symphony of two souls.
Ha ha....It's been carried along through generations,
As sacred as the holy grail.
A mantra for modern era,
Though the rules have changed...It is called 'Love'...
A divine word, that even the dictionary cant describe...
Maybe i can...or i think so....
It came without a warning....and left me,
leaving a permenant scar...
God, i worshipped her,
Dreamt of every moment that would have been...
but waking up knowing it'll never be.....
She still and will always be in my dreams...
I dont know why or what it means....
I never knew living was more painful than dying..
until she was lost from my life, it left me crying...
how can i ever forget what i thought was happening..but never happened?
They say failure is the stepping stone for success,
But how did i fail, when i didnt even try?
Its an adage, that, Time is the healer,
True love defies Time......
And to me it was a roller coaster of emotions...
But the end didnt leave me exhiliarated...
Rather it kept spiralling down...
Not only the ride, but my life as well..!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Blogging - Does it make a Difference?

"I hate this mode of communication coz both of us don’t know what the other person is thinking after reading it" - My own words, talking about mail communication when it comes to explaining yourself. Funny for someone like me to say it coz i think i tend to express better when i start writing.
24 years have passed by,twenty of which were spent reclining on a sofa,happy in my 'lost world' as someone said later, introverted, fading into the background when it was needed of me to express. Then came the four years, where i freed myself of the shackles, but still limited to fantasies, occasional poems and lots of scraps.
This wasnt what writing was all about..this wasnt a form of expression. I never realized i was shunning away from the outside world.
I have finally resorted to blogging, thanks to one kind soul who felt i was good at writing and i should try it out.Well, am not sure about that, but will it make a difference?
Arent scraps that you keep stashed, more personal?
Will this be a proper outlet for the myriad of emotions that i pass thru?
Does the world need to witness and pass on opinion on the confessions of a dangerous mind(thats me) ?
These questions do remain unanswered as i embark on my journey thru this exciting world of blogging......
After all, am in the age of 'Nothing's a necessity if u dont try'..