Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Democracy is a coin termed by a fool. Someone who thought he could get away with fooling us into believing the future lies in the mind of the common man. What audacity!
To distinguish right from wrong, to shape a future with equality and peace, to create a system devoid of corruption, persecution and poverty should be deemed outrageous. No?
Let me try this then. 'Be the Change'. Er, how?
Vote. Er, Whom?
Anyone. Thats Democracy, right? Yeah Right!

How about this then. 'Create Awareness, Educate'. Er, on what?
Rights. Er, Whose?
We, the People. #?@! Do we have one?

Hmmm. I get your point.
What do we do now? Er, about what?
Redefining Democracy. Changing the system. Er, why?
Because it's not working. Er, says who?
Me. And you are?
An Indian!
Good Luck then!!!!

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